Domingo Nardulli (b. 1983) is an Italian photographer who lives and works in Milan. In 2011 he completed a degree in photography at the Apab in Florence and is currently pursuing a master's degree in public relations communication at the lulm University of Milan.

Founder of doubleone_studio, Nardulli’s artistic production is divided between fashion photography and realistic photography. His works have been published for Vogue Italia and I-D Italy. Domingo was selected with the project Spazio Libero, winner of the REFOCUS call promoted by MIBACT in collaboration with MUFOCO and TRIENNALE Milano. The exhibition has been held in 2021.

His photographs are distinguished by a realistic approach and, at the same time, with an ironic intention in placing and selecting objects and everyday situations usually unnoticed within the lens. For the artist, the photographic composition needs the union of all the indispensable elements: technique and subject are not enough for optimal communicative success, to be able to give emotional value to photography, according to him, one must put the intention and the message, albeit subtle, before centring the objective. This does not mean that technique, method, and irony cannot coexist. His photos are a natural blend of documentary and emotional photography.

The spirit that distinguishes Nardulli is of nostalgic carefreeness, who in an interview declares: "We must remove from us all the conventions, the superstructures that surround us and rediscover ourselves authentic and without masks. Return children with an awareness of soul and spirit. Don't take yourself too seriously." His challenge lies precisely in revealing an image for what it is, moving it from its initial concept and loading it with new meaning. A photograph that could be considered a random error becomes restitution of purpose, an ironic but punctual communication of the reality in which we live.

Es tut uns leid, aber deine Suche hat keine Treffer ergeben.